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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 - Development IV

Objectif : This course teaches the student advanced X++ development techniques and examines how the Microsoft Dynamics AX application is structured. It covers both technical and application specific areas of Microsoft Dynamics AX. The technical section ensures that the student has obtained all necessary technical knowledge before progressing to the application specific section. It only covers areas that have not been included in Microsoft Dynamics AX Development classes I, II & III.

Public : Dynamics AX developper.

Niveau requis : Before attending this course, students must have completed: Development I, Development II and Development III courses.

Remarque : Training material is in English.

Point-of-Sale Project

Create the base functionality for the Point-Of-Sale (POS) module - Review the functional design of the POS project - Review the technical design of the POS project

Number Sequences

Use and create number sequences - Assign a new number using a number sequence - Use continuous number sequences - Format a number from a number sequence - Use Number Pre-Allocation - Use the Clean Up Process - Use the Form Handler - Use the NumberSeqReference table and methods


Set Print Options - Retrieve Print Options - Use Pack and Unpack to Store Settings - Use SysPrintOptions

Business Connector

Describe the purpose of the Business Connector. - Set up and manage the Business Connector. - Debug code through the Business Connector. - Describe the architecture of the Business Connector. - Use the managed classes in the Business Connector. - List various uses of the Business Connector

CLR Interoperability

Reference Common Runtime Language (CLR) assemblies in the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Application Object Tree (AOT). - Add assemblies to the Global Assembly Cache. - Write X++ code that interacts with managed code in external applications - Secure CLR Interop code. - Consume external web services from X++ code. - Understand how and where the use of DLL's is implemented in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009


Create ledger transactions using LedgerVoucher - Create ledger transactions using a Ledger Journal


Use SalesTableType, SalesLineType, PurchTableType, and PurchLineType. - Post and Print Document Updates - Post Transactions - Use Settlements - Use Trade Agreements


Create and post inventory journals - Use inventory dimensions - Use InventSum - Use InventMovement - Use InventUpdate


Identify the three main sections that make up a report. - Add data sources to a report to define what data is displayed by the report. - Create a report design with multiple sections and controls. - Override system methods to control the fetch and display of data

Project Accounting

Know the structure and design of the project module - Post transactions to the project module - Make modifications to the project invoice proposal procedure - Make modifications to the project invoice procedure


Identify the components required prior to using workflow - Specify which applicationmodule a workflow is applicable to using a workflow category - Create a new workflow template - Link tables to workflows using a workflow document - Define what happens when the workflow is approved or denied. - Apply a workflow to a form - Create Event Handlers and apply them to a workflow - Configure a workflow - Submit a record for workflow processing - Use the workflow processor

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Durée : 4 jours
Tarif inter : Nous consulter
Tarif intra : Nous consulter
Tarif intra hors coût de salle et de support pour un maximum de 8 participants.

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