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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 - Development II

Objectif : This 2-day course introduces the student to development in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 using X++. This course starts with learning the basics of X++ and its relationship to object-oriented programming in addition to the tools that are required to develop in Microsoft Dynamics AX. The student then learns more about specific control structures, accessing the database using X++, and handling exceptions in Microsoft Dynamics AX. This course is meant to be an introductory course to development in Microsoft Dynamics AX using X++.This course is intended for individuals who will be developing within Microsoft Dynamics AX using X++. This audience typically includes technical consultants who will be working with Microsoft Dynamics AX to develop customizations and modifications to meet clients’ needs. This is the second course in the AX Development track and will serve as the entry point for the Development III & IV courses.

Public : This course will be most beneficial for someone who is new to the concepts of object-oriented programming and programming using X++. Additionally, consultants who are responsible for training or supporting the customer will benefit from this course.

Niveau requis : Before attending this course, students must have: Completed Course 80011: Development I in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. - In addition, it is recommended, but not required, that students have completed: Working knowledge of object oriented programming (OOP).

Remarque : Training material in English.

X++ Overview

Identify key features of developing with X++ - Describe the basic foundation of object-oriented programming - Use the development tools available within Microsoft Dynamics AX - Create object and data models from existing application elements using the Reverse Engineering tool - Use best practices to instill good programming habits

X++ Control statements

Use the data types that can be used for variables and how to declare and use them - Use the various operators available and where to use them - Control program flow using conditional statements in X++ - Repetitively call the same blocks of code using Loop statements - Use standard functions that are built in to the application - Use output commands to display data and messages to the user

Objects and classes

Use the classes within Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 X++ development - Extend a class using the concept of inheritance - Describe the differences between an object and a class - Initialize variables in the appropriate place according to scoping rules - Call methods within the same class - Use the different method types available - Describe the similarities and differences between tables and classes

Accessing the Database

Retrieve data from the database using a select statement. - Create, update and delete data in the database. - Use and build queries using kernel classes

Exception Handling

Examine the exception handling mechanism in Microsoft Dynamics AX - Use the Try, Catch, and Retry commands - Throw an exception from code. - Identify and create code used to handle optimistic concurrency exceptions

Ref Cours : 09157
Ref Editeur : 80012
Durée : 2 jours
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