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Mcrosoft Dynamics NAV 2009 – Production II

Objectif : This three-day course, Manufacturing II in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, explores the module from an end-user’s point of view. Chapters in this hands-on classroom experience include topics such as production planning, subcontracting, and capacities. These topics help enable users to understand what is being produced, what needs to be produced, and what needs to be purchased or produced and when.

Public : This course is intended for participants that will use Microsoft Dynamics NAV manufacturing from a general user perspective, or anyone who wants to pursue certification in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Manufacturing. Microsoft Dynamics Partner professionals tasked with assessing a customer’s business needs and advising them on the use, configuration, and customization of the application can also benefit from this course.

Niveau requis : It is strongly recommended that students have a strong background in Microsoft Dynamics NAV financials, a working knowledge of manufacturing terms and processes, and familiarity with inventory.

System Setup

Be able to set up the Manufacturing module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. - Be able to set up inventory in relation to Manufacturing. - Understand the purpose of a Stockkeeping Unit Card

Sales order interfaceand order planning

The objectives are: - Be able to use the Sales Order Planning Window. - Make Changes to Production and Sales Orders. - Define the Order Planning process.

Forecast and MPS

Explain what the Production Forecast involves. - Define Netting Actual Demand and Forecast. - Examine the Planning Approach. - Explain forecasting sales items and components. - Describe how MPS output provides input to MRP


Obtain a general understanding of Planning. - Use Regenerative Planning. - Use Net Change Planning. - Define Order Tracking and Action Messaging

Additional planning topics

Discuss Item Variants - Use Locations in Planning - Conduct Transfers between Locations - Use Blanket Sales Orders in Planning - Use Multi-level Production Orders - Provide an Overview of Planning Tools - Be able to filter the Planning Worksheet - Be able to refresh the planning line function - Use Planning Reports


Set up a Subcontractor. - Set up Subcontractor Cost by Subcontractor or by Process. - Set up a Routing with a Subcontractor. - Process a Production Order with a Subcontractor. - Determine when a Purchase Order is related to a Production Order. - Determine the status of Subcontractor Operations on Released Production Orders

Advanced capacity

Define Capacity Resources - Set up Work Centers and Machine Center Calendars - Use Capacity Journals for Planning

Shop loading

Provide an Overview of Shop Loading - Perform Loading of Capacities - Execute Finite Loading - Recognize the Reports Available

Additional manufacturing topics

Use Standard Task Codes - Create Stop Codes - Create and use Scrap Codes - Define BOM Scrap and Routing Scrap - Define Non-Productive Time - Methods to reduce lead-time - Using Multi-Level Manufacturing - Using Business Notification - List additional features

Ref Cours : 09177
Durée : 3 jours
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Tarif intra hors coût de salle et de support pour un maximum de 8 participants.

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