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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 – Gestion des stocks

Objectif : This course covers all aspects of the inventory and basic warehousing functionality available for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, as well as conceptual information on inventory management in general.

Public : The intended audience for this course is individuals who want to learn how to set up and use inventory management functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The course is targeted toward sales people, consultants, and implementers within a Microsoft partner staff who need to master the inventory management functionality in order to support or teach it to end users, such as order processors, account managers, and purchasing agents.

Niveau requis : Before attending this course, students must have: Taken the Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 course Knowledge of basic business processes and ERP user roles Basic knowledge of distribution and logistics.

Inventory control

Determine actual and projected item availability. - Make manual adjustments to inventory quantities - Count and record how many items are physically present in inventory - Reclassify an inventory item by changing information attached to its item ledger entry

Item reservations & order tracking

Reserve items on inventory or inbound - Track from demand to matching supply and vice versa - Distinguish reservations from order tracking links

Multiple locations

Set up a company with multiple locations. - Link customers and vendors to locations. - Set up responsibility centers. - Link users, customers, and vendors to responsibility centers. - List multi-location setup guidelines. - Review setup data in the CRONUS International Ltd. Demonstration company. - Create sales and purchase orders for multiple locations. - Create and set up stockkeeping units

Location transfers

Review the setup of location transfers - Explain central transfer order concepts. - Create and post manual transfers - Identify the locations and quantities of items in transit - View the inventory value of items in transit

Basic warehouse tasks

Set up locations for warehousing, including bin setup. - Receive and put away items using the purchase order, inventory putaway, or warehouse receipt documents - Pick and ship items using the sales order, inventory pick, or warehouse shipment documents - Move items between bins and adjust item quantities in bins

Serial/lot numbers

Set up item tracking - Distinguish when and how to use serial/lot numbers - Handle inbound serial lot numbers - Handle serial/lot numbers on inventory. - Handle outbound serial/lot numbers - Trace posted serial/lot numbers throughout the supply chain - Navigate with serial/lot numbers. - Print serial/lot number documents and reports - Reserve items with serial/lot numbers

Ref Cours : 09179
Durée : 3 jours
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